Temple Transmutation - Oil on Canvas
©1997  Mark Henson

This is formerly the Explorers club site. We are a sacred sexuality group that meets in the Portland area. It is a place to explore self imposed limits in a safe environment. A place to unfold where boundaries are respected and growth is honored. We welcome all love styles. We find it enriching to be with others on the quest for love and friendship.

Many of us have attended Erotic Spiritual Play (ESP), Lovetribe Snuggles, Dance Rapture, Ecstatic dance, Women's Sexual Radiance, Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Tantra workshops and other growth centered workshops

Regular events
Tantric puja on the 2nd Saturday
Workshops or presentations on the 3rd Saturday

Annual events include
The Erotic Ball & Explorers Art Show on the 3rd Saturday in February
Field trip to Breitenbush Summer Solstice Gathering in June
Abundance at Sauvie Island in August

Sacred Tantra Club asks participants to register for each event.

What this site is NOT!
This site is not a forum for pornography, erotica, dating or escort services or any other vehicle for the commercialization and commodification of, or alienation from, our bodies and sexuality.

If you are under 18 you will be unable to attend any of our events until you are an adult.

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